What happens once my child has completed the primary school programme?

At Khanyisa School, we have a dedicated and experienced high school team who can further your child’s education by providing them with the same quality of care and understanding offered in our primary school programme.  Children simply move over to the next junior high class where they are educated according to the high school programme. Waldorf high schools recognise that adolescents have different and specific needs. The aim of the high school programme is to prepare the young adult for life.  Class teachers give way to specialist teachers who now lead the child through a journey of rich and varied selection of lessons and experiences that encompasses his or her growing intellect.  Through the use of stories, exploration, discussion and individual research, the adolescent is trained to observe acutely, think logically and be a self-disciplined free-thinking individual. Learners enjoy the benefits of the skills programme which allows them to become sufficiently independent.


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