School Activities


Festivals and Ceremonies

At our school, we celebrate festivals at various points throughout our calendar year. This gives our children a deep sense of connection to time related events that communities hold as important. These festivals connect us with the cycles of nature that are dictated to by the solar and the lunar calendar. It calls for a celebration of the yearly rhythms through songs, stories, performances, music and the sharing of experiences. At Khanyisa School, we pride ourselves on acknowledging as many different religious or cultural festivals that we can and that have meaning to our learners and their communities.


Also commemorates the gathering of the harvest, and the honoring of the cycles of death and rebirth in the Christian tradition.


St John’s

Or the feast of John the Baptist an old Christian tradition, celebrates the igniting of the divine light deep within the human being.



Celebration marks the holy month of the fast in the Muslim calendar and the Festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.



Celebrates the feast of St Michael, conqueror of darkness. We celebrate by taming the dragon of darkness symbol of the darkness within.


Graduation Ceremony

For the Senior Class graduates who have completed their high school programme.


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