Our History


Khanyisa School officially opened its doors on 18th January 1994 after two years of planning, with only a single class composed of three learners and one teacher by the name of Veronica Jackson. It started on the impulses of Almut Kluxen, mother of Jenny, a pupil in need of a Special Waldorf School in the Cape Town area, and Judy Peel and her daughter Christy, also in need of such a school. That day saw an initial dream turn into a reality, which would ignite into a thriving and dynamic space for all children in need of the same type of learning.

Three years later, in January 1997, Khanyisa School moved to its current location, where it now boasts 7 classes and many teachers. Sadly, Christy passed on in 1998. Since then the school has welcomed and said farewell to numerous dedicated staff and children.



Christy Peel


“Khanyisa” is a word that means, “Illuminate” or “to light” in isiXhosa and in isiZulu, two of the eleven official languages spoken in South Africa.

This wonderful lighting of that dream into a living reality continues to thrive and evolve through the curriculum, the environment and the unique cultural identity of Khanyisa School, a special Waldorf school in the Cape Town area in the southern part of the African continent.

 “It is our duty to be aware of the importance of our task. This we shall achieve if we realise that this school is to become the bearer of quite a special impulse. And so, first of all, we must direct our thoughts towards the consciousness that something special is to be borne into the world through this education.”

Rudolf Steiner (from “Towards the Deepening of Waldorf Education”)

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