Admissions Process

Our admissions process requires that you have:

  • A clear understanding of the type of education that we offer at Khanyisa School before you commit to us.
  • That we can meet the needs of your child before we commit to you.


Steps in the admissions process:
  1. Read and familiarise yourself with our admission requirements.
  2. Obtain an Application form directly through the school.
  3. Fill in all the parts required by you, and return the form to the office.
  4. Once we have received your completed application form and the relevant supporting documents, we will arrange an interview subject to approval.
  5. For applications to both primary and high school, you will be interviewed with your child present.
  6. Should your application be successful, your child will be asked to attend a three-day trial period in the class. Following which, your child will be assessed by the class teacher in literacy, mathematics and general knowledge. This is done to ensure that we can meet your child’s learning requirements.
  7. Please note that when your child attends the school after the three-day trial, they enter into a two-month probation period. The reason for this is most learning challenges are accompanied by other factors, which can include social, emotional, and behavioural issues. The probation period allows more time for further assessments, to offer a deeper understanding of the child’s learning problem and an opportunity to observe the child in a social and academic environment. This enables the teachers to see whether or not our programme can fully comply with the child’s specific requirements.
  8. Should the school’s programme meet the child’s needs following the two-month probation period, we can then commit to your child.
  9. School fees and your required deposit are still payable to the school during the probationary period.
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